Southern Thailand – Beaches, Bars, Turquoise Ocean and Islands.


We only stayed in Phuket for 1 night, but what a night it was. We met up with Helani & Matteo (Helani worked with Jo at 12A, and had become friends) who were accompanied by Helani’s cousins, Ria & Willemien. We met up with them at their resort, because they were doing the fancy holiday thing and had a pool… YAY!!!!

We headed out for some drinks, dinner at a small market followed by a walk down a special street. After a decent local dinner at the market we were walking towards the “pub” strip when Matteo said to me, and I quote, “Once we turn this corner mate, we become Gods”.

It was quite a place. Girls grabbing your arms trying to caress you into their bars, a million jug specials and a few Girls with seriously large Adams Apples… We ended up in one or two of these bars, mostly because of our wives and tequila specials, and had a decent party that night.

One thing that was interesting was after going to the toilet I got a serious Chiropractic Spine realignment from the Cleaner that you pay to use the Loo. I am certain this person had a Chiropractor Degree because he got all the clicks out and I didn’t quite know whether I should feel good or violated… Very unique experience, which Helani and her crew knew was going to happen and had a good laugh on my return.

The next morning, feeling hung over, we jumped on the ferry for Koh Phi Phi.


The ferry ride was one for the records… The really stupid-idea, shitty records! NEVER do that when hanging. Enough said.

Our 4 days on Phi Phi were really cool. It is an extremely vibey and beautiful party Island. There are some beautiful places and things to see and there are some really nice restaurants so you do not have to be a party goer to enjoy this place. It is still a Party island though, because the parties that do happen blast their sound to every inch of the island until the wee hours of the morning, so you cannot escape the party side.

The popularity of the Island, and the fact that it is an Island, makes it quite a bit pricier. Which was a definite negative for us.

The first night, after recovering from the ferry, was another bender at a really cool bar called Banana Bar. Helani and crew with Jo and I ripped up a storm in that place… Beer-pong and dancing.

The second day was a chilled, hungover, day on the beach/pool before a good dinner and an awesome Fire Show on the beach.

The third day saw Helani, Matteo, Ria & Willemien leaving to make their way back home. It was not the best of weather, but we managed a bit of beach time followed by a pretty chilled evening.

The Fourth day we were able to do a tour of the surrounding Islands and attractions, including Maya Bay from the Movie – The Beach. We did some amazing snorkelling and saw some monkeys on the beach, along with seeing stunning scenery…

The monkey thing was another interesting point for me because I was not too interested in feeding the monkeys or getting close because I have a “Animals are Wild, Not stuffed entertainment toys” mentality, but it bought out a fascination in me towards some other tourists… We had one lady in our boat who amused Jo and I immensely. Whilst on Monkey beach our guide said do not feed the monkeys or get too close because they may bite. There are signs saying the same, but to be fair some guides were giving their guests food to feed to the monkeys. The monkeys were quite happy to climb on you to search for food and seemed very unbothered by us all. So this lady kept trying to get the monkeys on her to take a photo, and guess what… she was bitten.

Whilst snorkelling we were told by the guide to not stand on the corral, firstly because you will break the corral and secondly you will most likely get cut or stabbed by an urchin. What does this lady do??? Shows that she can stand in the middle of the ocean and gets some urchin spines stuck in her foot and gets a nasty gash… She proceeded to make a small scene that the guide didn’t have a first aid kit with him…

Anyway, there were plenty of other people who were provoking their own fate when it came to the monkeys, both on this island and throughout the rest of Thailand. It was an amusement and frustration point at the same time for Jo and I.

The next day we hopped on another ferry (Not hung over this time) and happily headed to Krabi.


So Krabi is the province but the town we stayed in was Ao Nung. We were staying in a resort which had a pool (this is a cheaper part of Thailand). This was the first time we decided to hire a scooter, and it was a fantastic decision. We really got to see a lot more of the area and had a blast!

The area of Krabi is again beautiful, with lush green forest with an added contrast from the limestone cliffs.

Our first day in Ao Nang we just walked down the main street to the beach and around the beach front. We tried Coconut Ice-cream in a coconut for the first time……. Changed our lives! Delicious! Whilst walking down the street we realised that there was a large Indian influence on this part of Thailand. Every second shop was a Thai&Indian restaurant, with Indian gents on the pavement trying to get you through their doors. The funny part was they offered good, cheap food and South African wine, which turned out to be Mont Claire… If you don’t know of it, so didn’t we. It was awful!!! We had our suspicions that it was water put into South African wine barrels for a few days, because it really tasted like a bad, watered down, “Wine”. It made us sad and we made sure we let everyone that we met know that our wines are not like that at all!

We ended up enjoying a good Tandoori chicken and beer that night.

The second day we took a ride out to the Tiger Temple. We had a really interesting conversation/teaching from one of the resident Monks. He explained the concepts behind Buddhism and what their beliefs were, followed by a blessing and an offering of some blessed bracelets which we made a donation for…  We then proceeded to walk up 1267 steps to the Big Buddha on top of the hill. The photos will show how amazing the views were.

We finished off the day with a sundowner on the beach.

The third day was spent having a massage and just relaxing by the pool. We had dinner and watched some karaoke and b-boy dancing at the Krabi Night Market… What awesome food!!!

The fourth day was spent in the water. We took a ride out to the Emerald Pool and to a Hot spring to rejuvenate our tired legs! We finished off the night with a few drinks at our local bar just outside the resort.

The Fifth day was a quick Long-Tail boat ride to Railay Beach.

Railay Beach 

This was the most beautiful place that we stayed and saw in the South of Thailand. Such an unforgettable place, with it’s white beaches, green forests, turquoise ocean and Limestone cliffs… nothing could compare.

We only spent a day their but it was one of the best days… We attempted to get to the hidden Lagoon in the mountain but after slipping and sliding in the mud, Jo having a small tumble, sweating profusely and climbing up and down some pretty steep slopes we finally came across a cliff face that we could not descend in our flip-flops and certainly not barefoot. We tried another way but that turned out even worse, so we called it quits and went to the beach! The pictures can tell you the rest.



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