Bangkok & Trat, Thailand

SawasdiKhrap Friends and Family.

This post follows the Southern Thailand post because, although Bangkok was our first stop, both Bangkok and Trat are in the same region and were not our most eventful. So we felt our trip started in Southern Thailand.

We arrived in Bangkok, from Hong Kong, on 10 August 2016. We visited Trat for 4 nights, from the 9th to 13th September, just before leaving Thailand from Bangkok on the 14th September.


Bangkok has got a bit of a stigma in my mind and to this day I still find it to have been a place that has bent its cultural beliefs to cater for the Tourist. This in itself is not a bad thing all the time, the problem is I think the first tourists to leave their impression on the locals were dirty minded single old men… There are Beautiful places to see and kind, happy and friendly people to meet in Bangkok, there are just WAY more places that you would not catch us walking around. Its just too much of the same thing… over and over and over again.                                                                                                                                                As for our stay in Bangkok, we stayed in a very non-touristy neighborhood, in a nice and clean hotel, in the area of On-Nut. On our 1 day (2 Night) stay that we had there we just went Suit shopping along Sukhumvit road, which was not very successful. The one experience that was fantastic was the little local restaurant around the corner from us… Fantastic Food! Fantastic People! They did not speak much English but enough to get by when ordering. They ran around us like we were royalty and kept us well fed and our drinks topped up all the time, and when we were just sitting with our drinks they would all settle down to their Family Dinner and watch the local Soapie show. Jo is hooked on the show, even though she cannot understand it. It felt so special just being there,  so we had dinner there on both nights.


And I don’t know if I mentioned that the food was Fantastic!!!!


Trat was the end of our Thailand trip. We spent 4 nights there and it was very relaxed and a good cool down after an amazing month! I had one of the most painful, yet effective massage in Trat, which was well needed.

The town seems like it’s working its way up to being quite a nice tourist destination. There was a lot of building happening and renovations going on, which is probably gearing up for the upcoming peak season at the end of the year. There were a lot of places that looked like they catered for tourists but were not open over this period. I think this little town will change quite a bit in the coming years, It has quite a few interesting attractions in the area. We did not have the greatest weather over the 4 days we were there so we did not get a chance to go to any of the islands, Koh Chang or Koh Kut. We did a 10km cycle around the lake and took a scooter ride around the area. We came across a mangrove and Black Beach as well as a very long Pier.

The people were very friendly and were always trying to talk to us just so that they could practice their English, which can be a weak point at a lot of places in the town. A group of school children asked if they could video one of them asking Jo some questions in English for homework… the girl was very shy, but managed very well.

And once again, the food was excellent.


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