Hello Hong Kong, we’ll be back!

We have come to the end of our 7 day stay in Hong Kong… What an eye opening place. There are amazing Oddities here that will take your breath away and the cultural spectrum is very diverse. The Kowloon Peninsula, Hong Kong Island and Lantau Island are so  vastly different from each other that you almost feel like you are visiting three different countries.

A few things to know about Hong Kong before we tell you about the things we did and saw. 1. It is extremely humid here! Even when it rains its hot and it seems to rain in  short bursts. 2. The public transport here is super efficient, easy to figure out and not that expensive. If on a budget like us –  it is a good idea to compare the prices between the MTR, buses and the ferries as that can save you a bit of money. 3. The people we encountered were extremely helpful – so much so that every time we were lost or trying to figure something out, probably looking like dumb tourists :), someone always came up to us offering assistance. 4. There is so much to do and see and you could probably spend a month here trying to see everything – so we just picked the things that interested us most and what the weather permitted and did those.

Here are the sights and activities we had during our stay. From these I hope you get the same realization that I got after arriving here… Hong Kong is NOT just a Big City.

Day 1: Arriving in Hong Kong and getting to know our Neighborhood! 


Day 2: Bird Market, Flower Market and Tin Hau Temple.


Day 3: Relaxing Gardens,  Hong Kong Island, Monkey zoo and Botanical Gardens, st Johns Cathedral followed by WINE!!! 


Day 4: Ng Tung Chai Waterfalls (Hike), Night market with Beers (We got pretty wasted!) and some weird looking Food…


Day 5: Beach Day!!! Amazing food and then we stumbled across a Festival which we learnt was because this month is the Month of the Ghost, in Chinese Culture.

Day 6: Victoria Peak and the Gardens above the City of Hong Kong (Hike), Some beach time after the hike with the lucky Belly Buddha and Temple, Wine in the Aussie Bar… and then some More Awesome Food!

Day 7: Final day of exploring we went to the Stilted town of Tai O. We took a boat ride and had lunch in the Town. Spent some time in the Temple and Museum. We did not manage to get to the Big Buddha but will do that when we return at the end of our trip.


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