Our Basic Itinerary

Hi Everyone.

20160802_141749[1]We are sitting at the Airport with butterflies in our stomachs. I thought I would send out a quick post with our Basic Itinerary, just so whoever is following us knows where about we are. We have no set plans once we fly into a country, just so that we can keep our options open.

So Here it is:

3 August – Land in Hong Kong

10 August – Land in Bangkok (Thailand)

14 September – Land in Jakarta (Indonesia)

18 October – Land in Penang (Malaysia)

7 November – Land in Siem Reap (Cambodia)

Sometime in November – Overland it to Vietnam

13 December – Land in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

21 December – Land in Manila (Philippines)

28 January 2017 – Land in Hong Kong

2 February 2017 – Land in Johannesburg.

So that is the idea. If anything changes we will try take the time to post. Love to everyone and thank you for all the support and kindness up to this point.




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